Smegma Souffle (EP)

by Crush Fetish

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Crush Fetish fucked your mother and recorded this album at the same time with the hopes of making millions of dollars and shitting on worthless people like you. If you bought this album then fuck you. It's too good for you. Fuck off. Blaze it Satan.

Physicals only for sale at live shows.


released December 18, 2013

All songs written and performed by Torgils, Oddmund, and Xerxes. (aka Crush Fetish) © 2013. Fuck you.



all rights reserved


Crush Fetish San Bernardino, California

When people say "the haters" they're referring to us.

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Track Name: In The Midst
Gay. Gay.
Tugging on my shotgun.
Tugging on, in the butt.
Tug in the midst of us.
Coming out your wang.
Coming out your wang.
Coming out your wang.
Hacking the… town with a…
Nice sword.
Coins for your death, on their faces.
Track Name: Arm-Wrestling With Lepers (Interlude)
Oh! Oh! Oh!
Whoever said that, well…
Bury them.
Track Name: Dad Why Did You Leave
Bury me!
Bury me!
Ha! Ha! Ha!
Ha! Ha!

You are every bit burglar.
And a cur.

When the… harder part is hitting in my heart.
I don’t know how to hide it all… handle all of it.
Don’t go…

Say hi to me.
Forget about…
Murdering our enemy.

When in the night… Roll over,
Anybody can have the mask off.
All the hurt and corrosion can suck my ball.
Track Name: All Of My Fears Have Been Realized
Don’t turn away.
Hiding in the grass.
Hiding in the grass.

Your life; my supper.
Where… Where the hell…
Where… *squeel*

When in the end,
A million were lost.
A million… they’re all gone.
Gone. Gone.
Where? Where were they?
Away… in all the enemy.
All red… All dead.
Track Name: Bazrah The Mighty (From The Book Of Malush)
“There is no way that I can see out of my brown eye.
I may no longer see the future, for my ass has been sealed.”
So say’eth Zarfox the God of Darkness.

“I long for days of old, when knights would search valiantly to fight the evil brown eye,
…And destroy the veil that has shrowded the darkness… That it may be torn.”
So say’eth Bazrah the Mighty.

And so, the darkness was torn asunder by Bazrah the Mighty.
The veil fell. The eye was gouged, that it may never see again…
But that it remains as an example.

All who pass it quiver in fear at what could’ve been.
They dread the future… and what it may hold.
So say’eth the prophet Malush.

The prophet Malush was slain in the battle of the Argnas plains,
And the great people of Argnas lost their soothsayer, and leader…
And were lost for long years.