I'll Show You A 7 Inch (7")

by Crush Fetish

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You little fucking dipshit. Stop crying you fucking coward. This new 7" EP is all that remains of the legendary "lost album" by Crush Fetish. Try to actually pay attention to what you're hearing you fuckwit. Maybe you'll learn something about art. Maybe you wont. Maybe you're just too fucking stupid to understand it. I'm gonna fart in your mouth. Recorded shortly after Coprophagism in 2014, it is by far the grittiest grindy most face-fucking ball-crushing piece of art your numbskull ears will ever have a chance to hear.

Physicals only for sale at live shows.


released November 8, 2015

Recorded at Pimple Squeezer Labs in San Bernardino, CA.
Mastered at LOUDASFUCK in New York.

All songs written and performed by Torgils, Oddmund, Priapus, and Xerxes. (aka Crush Fetish) © 2014. Fuck you.



all rights reserved


Crush Fetish San Bernardino, California

When people say "the haters" they're referring to us.

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Track Name: ...If Someone Truly Cared

How could you do this?!
You fucking traitor!


Fuck you, Dad!
Track Name: Help! My Penis Is Huge!
Somebody, like, help me, or something!

My dick is so big!
Track Name: Satan Worships Me

I do not fear Satan. (Crackin’ up.)
Fucked him in the butt. (Crackin’ up.)
I’m not scared of evil black magik. (Crackin’ up.)

Satan worships me!
(You’re a coward!)
Satan worships me!
(I’ll kill you, coward!)


Satan worships me.
Track Name: You're Full Of It (Semen)
Cuff you to the table,
And fart in your mouth.


I will swallow you.
That, or I will gag on your wide black dick.
Hungry for some stool.
(Yuck! Get back!)


I’m gonna fuck your throat with my shit toe.

Sleep tight kiddies!
Track Name: Faggot Bitch
Fuck the noise!
And fuck all you mother fucks.
Bring it, fags.
Squeeze me!
Track Name: Insufficient Data For Meaningful Answer
Has anybody informed you, that “those days are dead?”
Have they?

*grunts and gurgles*

I will… there’s no time, you’re not ready.
You will die. You will fall into a mire,
So run. Ha ha ha. Ha.
Track Name: Her Ahegao Smile
Five… Six… Seven… Eight…
I will hurt you.

(Sleep tight… Sleep tight… Sleep tight)

Who’s here?
Just horrible things,
Hidden in the folds…
Of what your confusion holds.
Fears… In your eyes.
I’m here. Always so soon…

I’ll… Stick my foot down your throat!
Your throat could fit a foot in there.

You whore, see… she can’t wait?
She? She can’t wait.


When she decides she’s had her fun…
She’ll suck away your man power.
She’ll fuck all you mother fucks.
Holy shit!

Here she comes, better run!
Here she comes, to gut us!
To kill me like a pig.

Run! Get back!
Track Name: Happiness Eludes Me
Life sucks so fucking bad.
I hate it.
I hate you.
Curse you.
Fuck off, and die.
Goodbye, cruel world…