by Crush Fetish

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The first full length album from Crush Fetish. Recorded on a broken 4trak tape recorder, while lost in the woods of Norway to achieve our perfect kvlt tones. This is the greatest album ever recorded, and certainly the most artistic and intricate. (Your fine-ass mother told us so.) Other metal bands suck shit through a straw. Blaze it Satan. Fuck you.

Physicals only for sale at live shows.


released December 4, 2014

All songs written and performed by Torgils, Oddmund, and Xerxes. (aka Crush Fetish) © 2014. Fuck you.



all rights reserved


Crush Fetish San Bernardino, California

When people say "the haters" they're referring to us.

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Track Name: Enter The Brown (The First Movement)
One. Two. Three. Four.

We are… Raw.
Darkness dawns in all…
To nail yah… and sever in half.

Odin… is an omega.
Say a prayer.

Die! Die! Doom! Ugh!
Thank ya…
Odin, you, if you really wanted,
put it in my big haga baga gabla gah.
Black! Brown! Wood!
He’s in my brown.
Wood! Wood!
Track Name: In The Darkness, I Wander...
It’s all shit. It’s all shit.
Lick my fucking balls, you dick.
‘Cause it’s just fucking shit…

In the darkness…
In the darkness…
In the darkness of my ass.
In the darkness…
In the darkness…
In the darkness of my ass.

It’s all just shit. It’s all just shit.
Lick my fucking balls…
‘Cause it’s just fucking shit…

It’s all just shit…
It’s all just shit…

In the darkness…
In the darkness…
In the darkness…
It’s just fucking shit…
Track Name: Necrophiliapedobeastophile
Yeah! Whoa! Oh my god…
Yeah! Oh my god… Fuck! Shit!
The Dog burns.
Dog bitch.

Bend over and I’m gonna fuck you!
In the eye! Right up your eye!
Fuck! Shit!

You’ll never know. You never learned.

Gaze on the big dog’s cock.
The big dog’s cock.
Gaze on the bigger one.
Burn, but I’d rather have some sex with you.

I’m a dog. Marriage. I’m a god. Perished.
I’m a king. You there! I’m ending up emptying it in you.
Yeah! Ending…
Yeah! Forever ending…
You all, it’s ending.
Silent to you, an ending.

Winding me up…
I’ll screw them…
Deep in the end, know that.
I am your sin.
They have no legs.
And In the end, your both dead.

Oh! I wander to a tunnel in shadow…
I wanna see yah. I’m gonna empty yah.
I’m gonna haze up. I wanna jump in.
I’m gonna screw you up.
I’m gonna screw her love.
I’m gonna screw you up.
And then OH!
It’s all gone. It’s all gone.

So whenever I say to you:
“I will fuck you” with my foot in my shit…
Track Name: On Your Mark, Get Set, Fuck
Ready to fuck.
Is this the fall?
Is this the fall?
Is this the flame?
Is this the flame?
Is this a fall for the fault in us all?
Track Name: Here's One The Posers Can Mosh To
Track Name: Pregnant Feminists
Ha Ha! Yeah!
I bent ‘em down.
Stuck my dick in ‘em.
Twist it around.
Shove my dick in ‘em.
Oh! Feels so good.
Yeah! Ha! Ha! Ha!
What’cha know ‘bout my dick in ’em?

Oh shit. Shit.
Oh shit. Oh! Shit in her.
Yeah, that’s my dick in her.
Fuckin’, My dick in her.
Crushing my dick in her.
Suck my dick!

Oh yeah…
Kick her in the ass.
Hit her and tickle her.
Help her learn to like it.
Moan and admit she’s bad.
Track Name: Speaking Anilingus Fluently
Don’t shit on my shit.
Smegma pig pen maggot.

Dig it down.
Keep on, go…

Whoa girl…
Good girl.
Good girl.

Don’t shit on my shit.
Track Name: Last Dance At The Formaldehyde Formal
Whenever I want.
You will come. Soon. Soon.
Soon you’ll burn…
Inside of an oven.
The truth soon…

This is it. This is it.
A burning as a penance.
I gas it. I get my gas and beer.
I pour some and you will begin to disappear.
And curl your legs up over your head.
Who will buy me supper?
It takes too long to take it from you.
I’ve a mind to fuck you.
In half of your head.

We’re fucked.
We’re fucked.
We’re gonna fuck.

Do you know? Do you know?
You really do me fuckin’ mad.
Turned into scraps.
Turned my penis.
Torn up with my penis.
Should’ve known to not lick my penis.

You don’t want a fucking.
You’re not ready for a poop.
You don’t want a fucking.
You’re not helping with the poop.
You should’ve known.
You said “I’m too old for this”,
and “help! let it out!”
Fuck my penis.
The Judge said “wow!”
The Judge said “wow, send him to hell!”
Track Name: 9/11 Was An Inside Job
Track Name: As We Approach The Bitter Dark Tunnels (Interlude)
Oh no!
Track Name: March Of The Kocain Korpse Korps
Track Name: Exit The Brown
Come on!
(I want to rape… your butt!)
(I want to rape… your butt!)
(I want to rape… your butt!)
Into the ass hole…
Into the ass.
Into the ass hole bad!
I’m doomed bad.
Into the ass.

Oh! Summon everyone.
For a day of… OH!
Corn dirt. Damned debt.
Into the asshole.
Into the asshole.
Into the ass.

See you in the ass.
Sealed in the ass.
See you in the dirt.
See you all. (See you there.)
There is a sepulcher in the brown.
In the Brown.
All we need is perfect… BROWN!